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This is an opinion piece, based on what I know about the presidents.

1. John Quincy Adams

He spoke 9 languages!!!!!!!!! John Quincy Adams did have some obstruction from Congress, but listen to what he was going to do: women and brown people's rights, a national university, and more.

2. Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson thought about stuff a lot. He even tried to think about stuff to make himself better! And he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a great president. He freed slaves. Now let's go back into his childhood. So he only went to school for one or two years. But he still taught himself how to read!!

4. James Madison

Madison wrote all of these 3: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and even the Federalist Papers. (and he wasn't even a federalist!)

5. Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy was an explorer. He exercised a lot because he had asthma. He made more national parks. He was the first president to protect the Grand Canyon.

6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

He came up with great ideas during the Great Depression and WWII.

7. Jimmy Carter

He builds houses for people. And he also wrote a lot of books.

8. Barack Obama

He helped during the Great Recession. He also cares about all types of people.

9. James Garfield

James A. Garfield could write in Greek and Latin at the same time, and he learned how to read and write when he was three.

10. George Washington

Here he is! The first president! Washington picked to be a president, not a king, unlike anyone else before. He was the most important founding father.

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Langston Jones
Langston Jones
Jun 13, 2020

If you think there is a president I forgot, please message me. This is an opinion piece, and my opinions change a lot (not usually big changes, little changes). Thanks for reading!

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