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How much do you know about your next president, Joe Biden?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Joe Biden just won the presidency with what I believe will be 306 electoral votes! We are about to list some little known facts about him, that may also be interesting facts...

Joe Biden when he was vice-president in 2013, when I was 0 or 1 (probably 0)

What's his middle name?

The "R" in his middle name stands for Robinette. That was his grandmother's maiden name. It was French.

What's his height?

According to a medical exam in December 2019, Joe Biden is 5'11.65". He ranks around the middle of presidential height.

What's his weight?

He weighs almost 178 lb, which gives him a BMI of 24.38. That is healthy weight.

Is there anything interesting about him being senator from Delaware and president?

The answer is... YES! Exactly 48 years after he became senator of Delaware, he became president-elect 2020.

Does he have a pet?

He has two German shepherds, Champ and Major. Here are their pictures...

Champ with Joe and Jill. Biden walking Major.

Has he ever run for president before?

Two times before! The first time was in 1988, when he would have been the third youngest president after Theodore Roosevelt and JFK. Now he's the OLDEST elected president. He also ran in 2008. He lost, but Barack Obama picked him to be his vice-president.

What challenges will he face as president?

He'll probably have obstruction for at least the first half of his term because of the Senate. If he does, then I hope he won't during the second half of his term.

When Biden takes office, he will be 78 years old. What other presidents have been that old in office?

Ronald Reagan was about that old when he left office. No other president has ever been that old!

How long do experts think Biden may live?

Experts say there is about a 95% chance Biden will survive his first term. They expect he will live to be 96.5. That could make him the 1st or 2nd longest living U.S. president of all time!

Is there anything named after him?

Yes. There's a trans-Neptunian object called 2012 VP113. It was discovered in the outer reaches of our solar system in 2012 and was nicknamed "Biden" since he was the VP (vice-president) at that time. It is one of the top 100 largest known objects in the solar system. It is a dwarf-planet candidate. just like Joe Biden was a presidential candidate not long ago!

What do I hope Biden will do as president?

I hope he will help people to wear masks, help DC and Puerto Rico become states, and also do stuff for the Black Lives Matter.

If you have any more questions about Joe Biden, ask me and I may add them to my blog!

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