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The Greatest Presidents

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had to face a very hard war and many difficult challenges. Most famous of all, he freed slaves. And he kept our country in one part. I like that. During his term, he also created the Secret Service, which now protects the president. I think that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president.

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

During The Great Depression and WWII, he came up with some great ideas. He was a great leader during WWII. He started the WPA, which gave jobs to the poor people, which gave money to the poor people. FDR was probably the president with the most accomplishments because he had four terms. He was the first president to have Americans hear his voice on radio. It made them feel safer. I think that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great president.

3. George Washington

The first president! He was a great military leader in The Revolutionary War, and that helped him win the highest military rank of any president. Washington was very busy during his terms. He made Washington D.C. the capital of our country. Washington was a great founding father. We love you, George.

4. Teddy Roosevelt

He protected nature and won the Nobel Peace Prize. He broke up the trusts. He made some of the first national parks. He helped pass the not-eating-poison-in-your-foods act. Thank you for being the first to protect the Grand Canyon, Teddy!

5. James Madison

Madison wrote all of these three: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers.

6. Thomas Jefferson

He was a founding father. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

7. John Quincy Adams (tie)

You might not rank him as high, but he wanted to pass women's rights and black people's rights, but Congress's obstruction kept him from doing it.

7. Harry S Truman (tie)

Harry S Truman was one of the leaders who made a deal with Germany not to start WWIII or more. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's third vice president. One had two terms.

9. Jimmy Carter

He won the Nobel Peace Prize after he left office. He builds houses for people. (I include what they did in their whole lives, not just when they were president)

10. Barack Obama

Obama did Obamacare. He got us out of the Great Recession and ended the Iraq War but not the Afghanistan War. He was a nice guy and funny. Another good thing is that he had two young children in the White House.

11. Bill Clinton

He might have been impeached, but he made the country a better place.

12. Grover Cleveland (first term)

Grover Cleveland tried to make the government more honest. His second term did not make this list.

13. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was a nice guy. He usually ranks high in Sienna polls.

14. James Monroe

He was a founding father.

14. Lyndon Johnson

He passed The Civil Rights Act.

15. William Howard Taft

Just like Teddy Roosevelt, he broke bad companies and he gave great quotes.

16. James Knox Polk

He did the Manifest Destiny, which made the country a bigger place. Most Americans seem to like that, including me.

17. Dwight Eisenhower

He started the interstate system. He ranked lower because he had his vice president as Richard Nixon.

18. Ulysses Grant

He was the main general of the North during The Civil War. So that means that he helped Lincoln free the slaves. He ranked lower because he had two scandals.

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Carl Denooyer
Jun 07, 2020

Funny and informative. You have a clear eye for facts and fun facts too. I really like this website. I have sent it to both my friends.


Jun 06, 2020

This is my favorite blog so far. I enjoyed it very much Your blogs cause me to think about things that I never knew or maybe have just forgotten. . Now I must look up, Why did Teddy Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter receive a Nobel Prize? An interesting future blog U might consider writing is "What presidents have won the Nobel Prize?" I was interested, do u have a Taft quote that u especially like? Polk is the one president that U know U are related to, do U think that makes U more lightly to think highly of things he may have accomplished? U are a good blog writer and I do so enjoy reading your…

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