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Most Handsome Presidents

This is a journey of the most handsome presidents...

#1: Franklin Pierce

It's Franklin Pierce, the most handsome president! Look at that great hairstyle (until he was old). He took office when he was just 48 years old. He died later when he was 64. Just look at his mouth. That helps him look very brave. But you can tell he's handsome just by his nickname: "Handsome Frank."

#2: John Kennedy

The second youngest president at inauguration was JFK. Smile, JFK, it's time for your picture to get taken! (that means, "Great smile!") Look at his eyes, another brave dude. He was also one of the greatest presidents. He was #35. But that's not it... He was very outgoing. That helped him be one of the best presidents according to almost everybody. He usually ranks in the top 10, but not in my opinion.

#3: Teddy Roosevelt

An explorer, he was probably the bravest president ever. He was the youngest president at inauguration at age 42. He was the fourth greatest president according to almost everybody. But my friend Allison thinks he was the best.

#4: James Polk

Polk and the Manifest Destiny. Look at his hands! His hair is going out like a handsome person. It's a mullet. And at the end of this story, you will see ME posing to look like James K. Polk.

#5: Jimmy Carter


I like his blue eyes. You can tell he cares about people. I call this picture "Books" because it looks like he's in a library. Our most underrated president.

#6: Barack Obama

Look at his smile! He sure is happy.

#7: George Washington

This is young Washington. He had red hair! Look how great he looks here!

#8: Woodrow Wilson

He looks like he cares a lot about us.

#9: Ulysses Simpson Grant

It's not a long beard; it's a short beard. He's handsome.

#10: John Adams

You may not agree with me, but you're basing it on when he was old. Me? I'm basing it on when he was a Founding Father. Look at his Declaration of Independence (or just piece of paper)!

Langston vs. Polk

Who was taller? James K. Polk

Who was more famous? James K. Polk

Who had more hair? James K. Polk

Who was skinnier? Langston

Which one is first alphabetized? Langston

Polk wins with 3 points.

Langston loses with 2 points.

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